VELCRO® Brand PS14 Adhesive

VELCRO® Brand PS14 Adhesive Tape is available in 5 different widths and each width is available in either hook or loop.  It is designed to affix products to various surfaces using hook on one surface and loop on the other.

VELCRO® Brand PS14 Adhesive
Part Number Width Hook or Loop Colour Reel Length
VPS1416HB 16mm Hook Black 25M
VPS1416LB 16mm Loop Black 25M
VPS1420HB 20mm Hook Black 25M
VPS1420LB 20mm Loop Black 25M
VPS1425HB 25mm Hook Black 25M
VPS1425LB 25mm Loop Black 25M
VPS1430HB 30mm Hook Black 25M
VPS1430LB 30mm Loop Black 25M
VPS1450HB 50mm Hook Black 25M
VPS1450LB 50mm Loop Black 25M


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