VELCRO® Brand One Wrap - Bulk Reels

VELCRO® Brand One Wrap Bulk Reels come in 25M lengths and are available in 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm & 50mm widths.  Simply cut the length required from the reel and use as a fastener.  One wrap is especially useful when bundling high quality cables, but has a huge variety of uses in other applications.


  • ​Cut strap to desired length
  • Wrap strap around item to be secured
  • Fasten strap by positioning over itself
VELCRO® Brand One Wrap - Bulk Reels
Part Number Width Reel Length Colour
VOW10 10mm 25M Black
VOW16 16mm 25M Black
VOW20 20mm 25M Black
VOW25 25mm 25M Black
VOW50 50mm 25M Black


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