Spiral Wrap

Our Spiral Wrap is a halogen free, flexible, polyolefin sleeve.  It is low smoke generating, abrasion resistant and in case of burning produces no dioxin.  It has excellent electrical and physical properties.

Colours Available:  Black & Clear

Technical specification
Material Polyethylene
Working Temp -30ºC to +100ºC
ROHS Compliant Yes
Zero Halogen Yes
Spiral Wrap
Part Number ID OD Thickness Bundle Reel Size
CSW4+COLOUR 4mm 4mm 0.6mm 4-10mm 25M
CSW6+COLOUR 5mm 6mm 0.6mm 7-70mm 25M
CSW8+COLOUR 6.7mm 8mm 0.65mm 8-80mm 25M
CSW10+COLOUR 8.7mm 10mm 0.65mm 10-100mm 25M
CSW12+COLOUR 10.6mm 12mm 0.70mm 12-120mm 25M
CSW14+COLOUR 12.5mm 14mm 0.75mm 14-140mm 25M
CSW16+COLOUR 14.5mm 16mm 0.78mm 16-160mm 25M
CSW20+COLOUR 17.8mm 20mm 1.10mm 20-200mm 25M
CSW22+COLOUR 20mm 22mm 1.10mm 22-220mm 25M


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