Printable Heat Shrink Tubing

Military grade, highly flame-retardant heatshrink tubing with excellent electrical, physical, chemical and printing properties. Widely used for high performance identification of wire and cables in industrial, military and aerospace applications.

Technical specification
Material Polyolefin
Shrink Ratio 3:1
Working Temp. -55°C to +125°C
Shrink Temp. 90ºC
Dielectric Voltage Withstand 2000V, 60 seconds (no breakdown)
Flammability VW-1
Zero Halogen Yes

*Currently only available for despatch from our UK warehouse. 

Model Specifics
Part Number Size (pre-shrink) Size (after shrink) Lay flat width (pre-shrink) Colour Reel Length
CHSPT-3.2-WHITE* 3mm 1mm 5mm White 100m
CHSPT-3.2-YELLOW* 3mm 1mm 5mm Yellow 100m
CHSPT-4.8-WHITE* 4.8mm 1.6mm 8mm White 100m
CHSPT-4.8-YELLOW* 4.8mm 1.6mm 8mm Yellow 100m
CHSPT-6.4-WHITE* 6mm 2mm 10mm White 100m
CHSPT-6.4-YELLOW* 6mm 2mm 10mm Yellow 100m
CHSPT-9.5-WHITE* 9mm 3mm 15mm White 100m
CHSPT-9.5-YELLOW* 9mm 3mm 15mm Yellow 100m
CHSPT-12.7-WHITE* 12mm 4mm 20mm White 100m
CHSPT-12.7-YELLOW* 12mm 4mm 20mm Yellow 100m
CHSPT-19.1-WHITE* 18mm 6mm 30mm White 100m
CHSPT-19.1-YELLOW* 18mm 6mm 30mm Yellow 100m
CHSPT-25.4-WHITE* 24mm 8mm 40mm White 50m
CHSPT-25.4-YELLOW* 24mm 8mm 40mm Yellow 50m


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