CMX Series Crimping Tools

Our new range of CMX series crimp tooling combines a high quality crimp, smooth action and durable tool at extremely competitive prices.  All of our CMX series ratchet tools have ergonomic handles.

RTRBY has a fixed jaw specifically for crimping red, blue and yellow pre insulated terminals.

All other ratchet tools have removable dies, meaning they are compatible with our CMX Series Intertool Dies.  This means if you need to crimp other types of terminal, you don't need to purchase another tool, just a new die. - Click here for more information.

CMX Series Crimping Tools
Part Number This Tool Crimps Compatible With Intertool Dies Length of Tool Weight
RTRBY Red, Blue & Yellow Pre Insulated Crimp Terminals No, Fixed Jaw 260mm 0.63kg
RTET1 Single, Twin & Uninsulated Cord End Terminals 0.5 - 4mm² Yes 260mm 0.63kg
RTET2 Single, Twin & Uninsulated Cord End Terminals 6 -16mm² Yes 260mm 0.63kg
RTET3 Single, Twin & Uninsulated Cord End Terminals 10 - 35mm² Yes 260mm 0.63kg
RTFT1 Red & Blue Nylon Flag Terminals Yes 260mm 0.63kg


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