CHS31-NA Series Bulk Reels

CHS31-NA is a flexible, flame-retardent polyolefin heat shrinkable tubing.  It is low smoke generating, abrasion resistant and in case of burning produces no dioxin.  CHS31-NA has excellent acid fastness and corrosion resistance.

CHS31-NA is available in:  Black

Technical specification
Material Polyolefin
Standard UL Approved
Working Temp -55°C to +125°C
Shrink Temperature 90°C
Dielectric Voltage Withstand 2500V, 60 Seconds, No Breakdown
ROHS Compliant Yes
Zero Halogen Yes
Flame Retardent Yes
3:1 Ratio Non Adhesive Heatshrink Bulk Reels
Part Number Size Before Shrink Size After Shrink Reel Length
CHS31NA-1.5 1.5mm 0.5mm 200M
CHS31NA-3 3mm 1mm 200M
CHS31NA-4.5 4.5mm 1.5mm 100M
CHS31NA-6 6mm 2mm 100M
CHS31NA-9 9mm 3mm 100M
CHS31NA-12 12mm 4mm 100M
CHS31NA-15 15mm 5mm 100M
CHS31NA-18 18mm 6mm 100M
CHS31NA-24 24mm 8mm 100M
CHS31NA-30 30mm 10mm 50M
CHS31NA-39 39mm 13mm 50M


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