CHS21 Series - 2:1 Ratio Heatshrink Bulk Reels

CHS21 is a flexible, flame-retardant polyolefin heat shrinkable tubing. It is low smoke generating, abrasion resistant and in case of burning produces no dioxin. CHS21 has excellent electrical and physical properties, including excellent acid fastness and corrosion resistance.

CHS21 is available in:  Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, Earth (Yellow/Green), Clear & Grey.  

Technical specification
Material Polyolefin
Standard UL Approved
Working Temp -55oC to +125oC (Clear -55oC to +105oC)
Shrink Temp 90oC
Dielectric Voltage Withstand 2500V, 60 Seconds, No Breakdown
ROHS Compliant Yes
Zero Halogen Yes
Flame Retardent Yes
2:1 Ratio Heatshrink Bulk Reels
Part Number Size Before Shrink Size After Shrink Reel Length
CHS21-1.2+COLOUR 1.2mm 0.6mm 200M
CHS21-1.6+COLOUR 1.6mm 0.8mm 200M
CHS21-2.4+COLOUR 2.4mm 1.2mm 200M
CHS21-3.2+COLOUR 3.2mm 1.6mm 200M
CHS21-4.8+COLOUR 4.8mm 2.4mm 100M
CHS21-6.4+COLOUR 6.4mm 3.2mm 100M
CHS21-9.5+COLOUR 9.5mm 4.7mm 100M
CHS21-12.7+COLOUR 12.7mm 6.4mm 100M
CHS21-19.1+COLOUR 19.1mm 9.5mm 100M
CHS21-25.4+COLOUR 25.4mm 12.7mm 50M
CHS21-38.1+COLOUR 38.1mm 19mm 50M
CHS21-50.8+COLOUR 50.8mm 25.4mm 25M
CHS21-76.2+COLOUR 76.2mm 38.1mm 25M
CHS21-101.6+COLOUR 101.6mm 50.8mm 25M
CHS21-120+COLOUR 120mm 60mm 25M
CHS21-150+COLOUR 150mm 75mm 25M
CHS21-180 (BLACK ONLY) 180mm 90mm 25M
CHS21-210 (BLACK ONLY) 210mm 105mm 25M
CHS21-230 (BLACK ONLY) 230mm 115mm 25M
CHS21-250 (BLACK ONLY) 250mm 125mm 25M


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