Heat Stabilised Cable Ties for High Temperature Environments

In the cable management industry, there is demand for high-performance fixing solutions capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. C Tie® heat stabilised cable ties are an essential component in these environments, ensuring a secure and reliable fixing in the face of intense heat.

Made from high performance Nylon 66, our heat stabilised cable ties can withstand temperatures up to 120°C.

This specification makes these cable ties suitable for a number of industries / applications including but not limited to:

  1. Automotive - The automotive industry relies on heat stabilised cable ties to manage wiring harnesses, hoses, and cables in engine compartments. The extreme temperatures generated by engines demand cable ties that can withstand high heat without compromising the integrity of the cables.


  1. Aerospace - In the aerospace sector, where engines generate tremendous heat and vibration, heat stabilized cable ties are crucial for effective cable management. These cable ties are used to secure wires and cables in engine bays, avionics compartments, and other critical areas. With their ability to resist high temperatures and maintain their strength, heat stabilized cable ties ensure the safe and efficient operation of electrical systems in aircraft, where reliability is of utmost importance.


  1. Other electrical & electronic applications – There is extensive use for heat stabilised cable ties in the electrical manufacturing industry and applications such as power distribution systems, control panels, and electrical equipment exposed to heat.


It is worth noting that these cable ties are NOT fire resistant. If you require cable ties for such applications, you should consider our range of stainless steel cable ties. Check out the following article to see if these may be the solution for you - stainless-steel-cable-ties-for-extreme-conditions (ctie.co.uk)


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