UL94-V0 Cable Ties For a Fire Resistant Fixing Solution

Not all cable ties offer the same level of safety and protection. For applications where fire safety is a concern, C Tie® UL94-V0 cable ties provide an additional level of protection.

UL94 is a flammability rating system developed by Underwriters Laboratories. The V0 rating is the highest level of flame resistance within this system. Our UL94-V0 cable ties are made from Nylon 66 that has been tested and verified to be self-extinguishing when exposed to a flame. This means that if a fire were to start, the cable ties would not contribute to the fire's spread.

Many industries have strict regulations and standards for fire safety. By using C Tie® UL94-V0 cable ties, you can ensure that your products meet these standards and comply with regulations.

For further details, including technical specifications and data sheets, click here for further information on the range - UL94-V0 Cable Ties (ctie.co.uk)


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